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About Us

At Leveraged Equities, our success depends on the success of our customers.

Leveraged Equities is one of Australia’s first and longest continuously operating margin lending firms. Founded in 1991 by stockbroker Ord Minnett, Leveraged Equities has built a foundation of private banking style account management service, combined with innovative and responsive products, including margin loans and investment loans.

Since acquisition by Adelaide Bank in 2000, our margin lending book has grown both organically and by acquisition through successfully adopting the wholesale model of our parent. The merger of Adelaide Bank with Bendigo Bank in late 2007 to form Bendigo and Adelaide Bank provided us with significant opportunities to offer a larger range of products and services to our customers.

In January 2009, Leveraged Equities successfully acquired the margin lending portfolio of Macquarie Bank. This brought together two leading full service margin lending businesses to form one dynamic margin lender. It consolidated relationships with more than 3,000 independent financial advisers, in addition to the existing broker distribution networks in which Leveraged Equities is dominant.

At Leveraged Equities we couple our proven risk management expertise with a customer focussed service approach that enables us to provide a robust framework from which customers can incorporate gearing within their wealth creation strategy.

In April 2011, Leveraged Equities was one of the foundation businesses of Bendigo Wealth, the new wealth management division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group. Bendigo Wealth is backed by the heritage and strength of more than 150 years of banking, investment and lending expertise. It’s the home of the group’s cash, gearing, platform, managed funds, retirement and protection solutions. Click here to find out more about Bendigo Wealth.